The list of winners of the Menorca regional league, cup and super cup.

League Cup Super Cup
2019-20 CE Mercadal CE Mercadal UD Mahon
2018-19 UD Mahon UD Mahon UD Mahon
2017-18 Sporting Mahon
2016-17 UD Mahon CE Alaior
2015-16 CE Alaior CE Alaior Sporting Mahon
2014-15 CE Ferreries
2013-14 CE Ferreries
2012-13 CD Migjorn
2011-12 Penya Ciutadella
2010-11 Atletico Villacarlos Penya Ciutadella
2009-10 CF Norteno CF Norteno
2008-09 CE Ferreries
2007-08 CE Mercadal

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