CE Ferreries will join CD Migjorn in fighting for promotion to Tercera Division via the play-offs.

They defeated Sporting Mahon on penalties following a goalless draw at Bintaufa in the final of the Menorca Regional League play-offs at the weekend.

With CE Alaior looking likely to avoid relegation from Tercera, and CE Mercadal already safe, the potential remains for Menorca to have four teams in national competition next season.

Champions Migjorn have a two-legged tie with Cardassar of Mallorca to earn promotion, though the format of promotion play-offs in Spain means that they should get a second chance at going for promotion even in defeat.

For Ferreries, they will entertain Sant Jordi in a one-off game this weekend to secure their passage to the next round.

It is sometimes difficult to find the exact format of the play-offs. There are four teams, including Migjorn, playing in the champions phase. Two of these four teams will earn promotion.

There are eight teams, including Ferreries, playing in the promotion phase. These will need to be whittled down to just one team for promotion. My thought is that the initial eight will go down to two, and they will then play against the losing finalists of the champions phase.

So for Ferreries, they would need to win four games to ensure promotion (the final game may even be over two legs).

It does at least mean an extra game on the island in May – Ferreries will play at home this weekend (May 4/5).

Meanwhile, both Mercadal and Alaior lost in their latest games in Tercera Division.

Mercadal were beaten 3-1 at home by Llosetense, while Alaior went down 1-0 on the road at Constancia.

With three games left, Alaior are six points clear of safety, but there may yet be a twist in their survival battle – a fourth team may have to be relegated should an additional Balearic team suffer relegation from RFEF Segunda.

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