CD Migjorn won the Menorca Cup by beating CE Alaior on penalties.

Played at the home of CE Ferreries, CE Alaior took the lead on 32 minutes through Cristian.

Jona’s header five minutes from time forced a penalty shootout, when Alaior again had the chance to win through Viroll but he missed.

That left it up to Kevin to convert the decisive penalty and earn the cup for Migjorn for the first time in 24 years.

The cup got underway at the end of September, with all 11 clubs in Menorca playing in a group stage.

They were split in to two groups – one of six and one of five; with the winners of each progressing to the final.

Migjorn went unbeaten across their 10 group games, winning seven and drawing three.

That meant they placed three points ahead ahead of UD Mahon in second, and CD Menorca four points further back.

Their dominance was perhaps best reflected in the fact they conceded just four goals across the whole group stage.

Alaior also dominated their group, though that may be in part due to a lack of challengers.

They finished 10 points clear of second place Penya Ciutadella, with both Sporting Mahon and UE Sami having disappointing campaigns.

Group A results

UD Mahon 3-0 At Ciutadella
At Villacarlos 1-4 CCE Sant Lluis
CD Migjorn 3-0 CD Menorca

At Ciutadella 1-1 CD Migjorn
CCE Sant Lluis 0-4 UD Mahon
CD Menorca 3-1 At Villacarlos

At Ciutadella 0-0 CCE Sant Lluis
UD Mahon 1-0 CD Menorca
CD Migjorn 7-0 At Villacarlos

CD Migjorn 2-1 CCE Sant Lluis
CD Menorca 3-0 At Ciutadella
At Villacarlos 0-2 UD Mahon

CCE Sant Lluis 0-3 CD Menorca
At Ciutadella 1-1 At Villacarlos
UD Mahon 0-2 CD Migjorn

At Ciutadella 1-6 UD Mahon
CCE Sant Lluis 2-0 At Villacarlos
CD Menorca 0-0 CD Migjorn

CD Migjorn 3-0 At Ciutadella
UD Mahon 4-1 CCE Sant Lluis
At Villacarlos 2-3 CD Menorca

CCE Sant Lluis 1-2 At Ciutadella
CD Menorca 2-1 UD Mahon
At Villacarlos 1-1 CD Migjorn

CCE Sant Lluis 0-5 CD Migjorn
At Ciutadella 2-2 CD Menorca
UD Mahon 3-0 At Villacarlos

CD Menorca 0-1 CCE Sant Lluis
At Villacarlos 3-2 At Ciutadella
CD Migjorn 3-1 UD Mahon

Group A table

1. CD Migjorn W7 D3 L0 F27 A4 PTS 24
2. UD Mahon W7 D0 L3 F25 A9 PTS 21
3. CD Menorca W5 D2 L3 F16 A11 PTS 17
4. CCE Sant Lluis W3 D1 L6 F10 A21 PTS 10
5. At Ciutadella W1 D4 L5 F9 A23 PTS 7
6. At Villacarlos W1 D2 L7 F9 A28 PTS 5

Group B results

UE Sami 2-4 CE Ferreries
Sporting Mahon 1-3 CE Alaior

CE Alaior 4-0 UE Sami
Penya Ciutadella 3-0 Sporting Mahon

CE Ferreries 0-1 CE Alaior
UE Sami 0-4 Penya Ciutadella

Penya Ciutadella 1-3 CE Ferreries
Sporting Mahon 4-4 UE Sami

CE Alaior 4-1 Penya Ciutadella
CE Ferreries 0-1 Sporting Mahon

CE Ferreries 2-0 UE Sami
CE Alaior 4-0 Sporting Mahon

UE Sami 1-4 CE Alaior
Sporting Mahon 0-0 Penya Ciutadella

CE Alaior 4-2 CE Ferreries
Penya Ciutadella 2-0 UE Sami

CE Ferreries 1-1 Penya Ciutadella
UE Sami 5-1 Sporting Mahon

Penya Ciutadella 1-1 CE Alaior
Sporting Mahon 2-0 CE Ferreries

Group B table

1. CE Alaior W7 D1 L0 F25 A6 PTS 22
2. Penya Ciutadella W3 D3 L2 F13 A9 PTS 12
3. CE Ferreries W3 D1 L4 F12 A12 PTS 10
4. Sporting Mahon W2 D2 L4 F9 A19 PTS 8
5. UE Sami W1 D1 L6 F12 A25 PTS 4


CE Alaior 1-1 CD Migjorn

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